Core sand mixing technology - Sand and Binder dosing systems

KLEIN binder dosing equipment type BDG

KLEIN bellow dosing equipment was particularly developed for use with chemical binders for foundry sands. The design is simple and robust.

Principle components:

  • stainless steel bellows
  • welded flange connections on both ends
  • the seals do not come into contact with any binder
  • operated by normal compressed air
  • suction spring-actuated


  • volumetric dosing independent of binder viscosity
  • guaranteed repetitive accuracy +/- 0.5 %
  • The bellow dosing equipment is absolutely maintenance-free.
  • The desired dosing volume is easily adjustable by:
    a) manually infinitely adjustable set screw
    b) selection of two binder quantities using selector switches
    c) infinite adjustment of dosed quantity

KLEIN - Sand dosing systems

Binder dosing and distribution systems

Custom-made binder storage systems (storage tanks, container, pumping stations etc.) and supply systems for day tanks, core sand mixers etc. for all current binder systems can be designed and manufactured.