Pneum. conveying technology - Pressure vessel conveyor Type S

The proven conveyor to transport fine grained and powdery products, and granular materials with a high percentage of dust.

We design and construct the pressure vessel conveyor type S as integrated component for:

  • supply equipments for reaction vessels, pickling bathes, etc.
  • dosing and weighing equipments
  • mixing units for dusts
  • filter dust discharge equipments
  • desulfurizing plants
  • ladle - and furnace feeding installations
  • silo and conveying systems for the washing powder industry
  • complete equipments for industrie: building material, chemistry, plastics, glass and ceramics, iron and steel, foundries, power stations, cleaning plants, mineral oil refineries

Conveying method

The type S pressure vessel conveyor, operates on the 'plug-flow' principal. Compressed air transports the bulk material out of the pressure vessel, through a conveying tube, into a receiver. Along the length of the conveying tube, the pressure decreases, the air expands, thereby accelerating the material along the tube. The S type pressure vessel conveyor is especially suitable for the transportation of fine grained and powdery products, and of granular materials with a high percentage of dust.

The type S plants are completely enclosed and offer high operational resistance to abrasion and wear. They are quiet in operation, compact in design, and require minimal maintenance.


  • Several kinds of inlet valves are available, to suit a variety of bulk materials.
  • Flow valves have a large cross-sectional area, to reduce filling time to a minimum.
  • Complete electrical control with one panel, for ease of installation.
  • The control valves are robust and almost insensitive to dirt.
  • No moving parts come into contact with the material flow, consequently, wear is negligable and maintenance is reduced to a minimum.
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Tandem installations can be arranged to provide a continuous material flow, resulting in considerable energy saving over long conveying distances.
  • The Type S conveyor is suitable for conveying bulk materials into pressurised containers and bulk liquid containers.
  • Also available as metering vessel.
  • capacity controlled transport
  • adjustment of pressure vessel depending on product and capacity