Pressure Vessel Conveyor SP-HL

The KLEIN pressure vessel conveyor SP-HL was conceived for the continuous conveying of dry, granular and pourable bulk materials such as silica sand and similar products.

The pressure vessel conveyor SP-HL continually feeds the material in portions from the unpressurized inlet vessel into the pressurized conveying line. A smooth and continuous conveying process is ensured by extremely short filling cycles and constant air injection into the conveying line.

The advantages of the SP-HL in contrast to conventional conveyors, in which the conveying process is interrupted in order to decrease the conveying pressure and refill the pressure vessel, are:

Advantages of the SP-HL:

  • high conveying capacities
  • considerable energy saving
  • lower wear at conveying pipes and conveying material
  • very compact design
  • no preventive inspections by corresponding authorities required
  • less waste air and less strain on the filter
  • integrated electro-pneumatic timing control clocked by one inductive switch. Display of maintenance intervals. One fault message available
  • for very high conveying capacities two SP-HL conveyors are combined to a tandem conveyor feeding one conveying line
  • low maintenance expenditure. Excellent accessibility of wearing parts
  • air-flushed cone valve

  1. pressure vessel
  2. inlet housing with cone valve
  3. discharge housing with check valve
  4. limit probe min.
  5. compressed air feed
  6. inspection glass
  7. ventilation flange
  8. exhaust


Achievable conveying rates of conventional sand conveyors compared to the SP-HL

The above-mentioned figures are related to silica sand F32 and similar grain sizes. In this example, the conveying velocity for both conveyor types is the same and remains below the level where vibrations in the conveying line and more wear occur. The SP-HL does usually not require any additional air supplies over the length of the conveying line.

Energy saving features of the SP-HL compared to conventional conveyors

The above-mentioned figures are related to the achievable conveying rate of a conventional conveyor over a certain conveying distance and the electric energy consumed by the compressor to achieve this conveying rate. The comparison illustrates the saving potential of the SP-HL.