CLUSTREG® - A new reclamation process for inorganically bonded foundry sands

Highly economic process compared to thermal processes

Reduction of emissions and efficient use of ressources are no longer empty notions but represent an integral part of innovations. For the area of binder technology that means, that inorganically bonded cores are practically emission-free during the manufacturing and casting process. The reclamation and the extensive recycling of inorganically bonded used sands is now possible with the CLUSTREG®-process developed by KLEIN Anlagenbau AG.

By developing the CLUSTREG® process, KLEIN aimed at excellent reclamation results, energy efficiency, an simple plant concept as well as a good price-performance ratio. In cooperation with renowned foundries and binder suppliers the CLUSTREG® process was put to the acid test.  And the results were quite impressive: dimensional accuracy and surface quality of castings are good, a ten-fold recycling of the reclaimed sand was confirmed, bending strength and fluidity remain on the same level as for new sand. Furthermore, the energy consumption could be reduced by factor five compared to thermal reclamation processes. And that is how the innovative CLUSTREG® process works: In a first step, the used sand is mechanically pre-treated and binder remnants and additives removed of the grains. In a second step the gently pre-treated sand is mixed with a carrier and an bonding agent and moved in a specific manner. In this manner, binder remnants and additives are removed of the sand grain and stick to the carrier. In a last step, the carrier with the binder remnants and the additives is separated of the sand grains. In our KLEIN-CLUSTREG® test plant we can test-reclaim your used sand and convince you of the advantages of our CLUSTREG® process. Detailed economic efficiency calculations for your specific application complement our customer services. With a view to rising costs for the purchase of new sand and the disposal of used sand as well as more stringent environmental regulations the reclamation, regeneration and recycling of used foundry sands is increasingly gaining importance. KLEIN of course also supplies a variety of of plants and plant components for organically bonded sands such as e. g. shake-out grids, vibratory crushers, sand coolers, dedusting equipment as well as our proven mechanical reclamation unit ROTAREG.

by: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Reichert, Sales & Engineering, Dr.-Ing. Enno Schulte, R&D / Prototyping

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