Reclamation unit ROTAREG

Cold resin bonded sands are mechanically reclaimable. A large proportion of the sand which has been reclaimed using the conventional type of single phase mechanical reclamation unit can be re-used.

The used sand portion of the moulding sand can be considerably increased and the new sand requirement correspondingly reduced by the installation of a second reclamation unit.

Lower new sand costs! Lower dumping costs! Lower transport costs!

The ROTAREG reclamation unit is intended for such applications and is particularly suitable as an addition to existing single phase plants

The reclamation unit ROTAREG consists of the following parts:

  • centrifugal force cleaner (1)
  • pneumatic conveyor (2)
  • fluid bed screen (3)


In the centrifugal force cleaner the incoming sand stream from direction (E) is thrown upwards against the pockets of the stator ring which are filled with sand. The resulting friction of the sand grains against each other causes part of the binder coatings to be rubbed off. The speed of the rotor is chosen so that the sand grains are mainly affected by friction and only slightly by impact. Machine parts which come into contact with the sand are manufactured from materials which have a very good resistance to wear.

The pneumatic conveyor transports the sand from the centrifugal cleaner upwards to the fluid bed screen.

In the fluid bed screen, the particles which were rubbed off are detached from the sand by a rising air flow. The sand enters the screen at (F) and leaves at the discharge point (G) or (H). The fine parts are extracted at point (K) together with the discharged air. A short circuit is prevented by a perforated middle wall (L). If required cooling pipes can be installed in the fluid bed screen.

By alternate use of the two discharge points (G) and (H) it is possible to process the sand once or several times.