Brake sand scattering systems BURAN®

The economic and ecological demands on sand scattering systems to effectively use the operating material are ever growing also for rail vehicles. KLEIN is therefore engaged in the development of speed-controlled scattering systems, that can be tuned to the specific requirements of rail vehicle operators.

With this innovative product KLEIN is aiming at cutting the air consumption, reducing the amount of deployed brake sand and at the same time using it as effective as possible. Following are the remarkable features of our brake sand scattering system type BURAN®:

BURAN® classic
Brake sand scattering system officially certified (certificate 083-2012-11) and declared suitable to be operated by Deutsche Bahn AG

Suitable for conventional on-board compressed air installations (3,5 – 10 bar)

NEW: Economized compressed air consumption owing to improved pneumatic system (patent pending)

BURAN® pro
New brake sand scattering system with speed-dependant control of the spreading quantity

Suitable for conventional on-board compressed air installations (3,5 – 10 bar)

BURAN® ventino
Innovative brake sand scattering system based on low-pressure fluidization (patent pending)

Available as complete system including low-pressure compressor and sand box

All BURAN® brake sand scatterings systems can be complemented with innovative additional functions on request.