Sand filling systems - stationary

tl_files/images/content/maxlogo_small.jpgSlim design for maintenance facilities

     and BSS2 for more volume

KLEIN sand filling systems with kleinSAND.max are suitable for use inside maintenance halls or at outdoors maintenance sites. Thanks to the remarkably slim design, the kleinSAND.max sand dispensing stations can easily be integrated into the limited space conditions of maintenance facilities and alongside tracks.

The brake sand is supplied from the storage silo to the individual sand dispensing stations fully automatically and in a particularly gentle conveying process. In order to adapt the operation of the sand filling system optimally to the special demands of maintenace facilities, each sand dispensing station can be activated individually. The automatic air return system carries the dust from the individual filling valves to a central filter located near the silo so that no dust escapes into the working area or is conveyed into the sand boxes.

The sand dispensing station kleinSAND.max is constructed in such a way, that it is not subject to regular inspections according to European pressure vessel guidelines.

  • Conceived for particularly limited space conditions, max. depth 200 mm.
  • Available as stationary or suspended, as single pipe, twin pipe or Y-shape models.
  • Sand supplied from above, from below or from each side. Flexible connection.
  • Inlet head with special expansion disc valve and return of dust to the exhaust system.
  • One or two filling hoses per sand dispensing station.
  • Velocity of sand within the filling hoses less than 0,25 m/s.
  • The conveying air is extracted and returned to the exhaust system. In order to ensure the dosing of sand, free dust is not conveyed into the sand boxes.
  • Pressure vessel is not required to be monitored.

BSS2 for more volume

Sand filling stations type BSS2, BSS2 Tandem or BSS2-220 are installed where a larger sand volume is required to refill the sand boxes of trams and locomotives and where sufficient space is available.

Technical Details

Sand filling station
Sand filling nozzle
Operating data collection